Terminalia Chebula Fruits Powder

The botanical name of the commonly known Haritaki or Indian hog plum is Terminalia Chebula. This deciduous tree is native to South Asia from India and Nepal to southwest China. Its fruit is one of the three ingredients of the well known Ayurvedic formulation, ‘Triphala’. This miraculous fruit is bestowed with immense healing properties and rejuvenation capacity. The fruits are rich in hydroysable tannins which account for its medicinal properties. It is an effective laxative.

Technical Information


Terminalia Chebula Fruits Powder

Major Application/Uses

Gentle purgative, astringent, stomachic, anti-bilious, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery, cyst, digestive disorders, vomiting, enlarged liver and spleen, bronchial asthma, and for metabolic harmony

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